Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Mondays Puh-leeze

Attorneys who voluntarily set Monday deadlines are just simply no fun. I mean, you get to pick the days, so why kill a future weekend? You know all the work gets done at the last minute, so nix those Mondays the next time your curmudgeon opposing counsel tries to get you to agree to one.

Well, we've located one Judge who agrees. In the Sourcefire securities class action, Judge J. Frederick Motz (Reagan '85) asked the attorneys to "confer with one another to agree upon a briefing schedule in the event that defendants decide to file a motion to dismiss. In your discussions, please agree upon deadlines that will have the effect of moving this litigation along expeditiously but avoid (1) Monday deadlines, and (2) deadlines that would have an adverse effect upon the holiday schedule of counsel on either side."

What's that? A Judge who actually is professional enough to care about attorney's personal and family lives? This Judge needs to talk to some of his brethren, as he (unfortunately for our families) sure seems in the minority.

You can read the whole letter on Acquirelaw™ at DD MD Acquirelaw 24686286 In re Sourcefire Sec. Litig. (D. Md. Sept. 4th, 2007) (just type the number in the citation in any Acquirelaw search box to quickly retrieve the Order).

Nugget: "Despite the informal nature of this ruling, it shall constitute an Order of Court, and the Clerk is directed to docket it accordingly.”

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