Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Nugget

Well, it seems like just yesterday that I started this site, but the Nugget turns one year old today. And there's going to be some changes around here. Did you know I have never used the words "I" or "me" on the Nugget. It's true, and actually I'm not really sure why. But enough is enough.

Don't worry (as if you would), the Nugget is still going to be your source for emerging securities class action law, but I'd like to branch out a little more. So be sure to email me any juicy or interesting securities class action happenings, because I might just write about it. Anyway, thank you all for your loyal readership, it's both exciting and humbling that over 250 of you have signed up for daily email updates from the Nugget. And I guess nearly 50,000 hits in 12 months isn't too shabby either. So again, thank you and come back again soon. Nugget 2.0 is just gettin' started, and it's sure to offend someone near you soon, so don't miss it.

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