Monday, June 12, 2006

Club Fed is Dead

Turns out trying to beat the rap is only half the battle if you are convicted on securities fraud charges. You see, once the jury has sealed your fate, the real game begins -- where to serve your 20 year stint. That's because our friends over at the BOP let you request where you'll go. Of course, like most things in prison, you had better ask nicely as BOP can send your wimpy butt pretty much anywhere they want. So if you'd like to see Forbes' take on the best places to go to prison, click here (check out the slide show too).

P.S. Don't panic everyone, the Nugget will be back tomorrow with another new securities class action opinion. There weren't any new ones today anyway.

Nugget: "The days of 'Club Fed'--think golf courses and lobster bakes--are long gone."

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