Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nugget Lite

Well, I took the plunge and resigned my partnership with my current firm. So Nugget posts are probably going to decrease a little in frequency as I have joined Saxena White, P.A., where I will be heading up the litigation department alongside my long-time friends and colleagues, Maya Saxena and Joe White. In the firm's first two months in operation, we've already been appointed lead and/or co-lead counsel in several securities class actions, so we'll have plenty to do.

O.K., O.K., the shameless plugging is over (for today only though), I know what's really on your mind -- you're thinking, who gives a crap about Jones' career, without my Nugget, I'm going to have to read some of these new opinions myself -- oh, the sheer horror! But never fear, I'll try to post about twice a week, and in a couple months, I intend to return to full posting level.

Anyway, thanks again to all you loyal Nugget subscribers and readers -- the site should reach 50,000 total hits this week -- you make all the work that goes into this blog worthwhile.

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