Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome, and Where are the Female Law Bloggers?

Let's all give a warm welcome to two new securities related blogs. The first is Lies, Damn Lies, & Forward Looking Statements, from Adam T. Savett, which actually has been around for about four months, and I must say is quite amazing for the depth of its analysis and quality of its links. The other is D&O Diary, brought to you by Kevin LaCroix. The Diary, which is brand spankin' new, also looks like it's going to be a big hit. Let's hope it's around longer than the totally lame D&O Insurance Blog by some guy named Dorenberg who cranked out a bakers' dozen posts over two months before fizzling out in August 2005.

Boy, am I going to feel like an ass if something bad happened to Dorenberg. My sincere apologies if that's the case. And now that I think about it, the site only lists a last name, so it could be a woman. Sorry about that, I assumed it's a guy, as word on the blogging street is that legal blogs are overwhelmingly written by male lawyers, and if anyone knows the reason(s) please enlighten us. I mean, just look at our area, securities law -- about eight major blogs, all by men. I checked around the web, and found this post called Women & Blogging, which might just explain why. Thoughts anyone? (You can click the comment link below, and yes you can be anonymous if you want, and no registration is required).

Nugget from June 6, 2006 American Lawyer article: "To be sure, legal bloggers are still working through their growing pains. Debate rages among them about whether law review articles are relevant anymore, whether blogging counts as real scholarship, whether junior faculty should avoid blogging until they gain tenure, why women tend to eschew legal blogs, what counts as a legal blog, and so on."

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