Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Both Sides Win, Both Sides Lose

Many of you surely remember reading in the Nugget last October about how Judge Marilyn Hall Patel (N.D. Cal.) called everyone down to the courthouse and basically advised Defendants to file answers instead of motions to dismiss in the Cornerstone securities class action. Well, now we are at the class certification stage, and Judge Patel has issued her ruling. In it, she finds that “Defendants' assertion that Lead Plaintiff and the named representatives are atypical and inadequate as class representatives because of Lamphere's [he’s a class rep] purported non-reliance on the CornerStone financial statements, the possibility of a statute of limitations defense, and the existence of potential intra-class conflicts is not supported by the relevant caselaw.” However, “pursuant to the Supreme Court's holding in Dura, the Class may not include individuals who purchased and sold CornerStone stock prior to any corrective disclosure by the company.”

Result this time? “Plaintiff's motion for class certification is granted, subject to an amendment of the Class definition to exclude plaintiffs who purchased and sold their stock prior to any corrective disclosure in July 2001.”

So -- not a total loss for Defendants by any means, as Plaintiffs proposed class period reached back to July 1998.

You can read In re Cornerstone Propane Partners, issued May 3, 2006, at 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 25819.

Nugget: “Statute of limitations defenses for named plaintiffs are not a bar to class certification for securities fraud.”

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